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Earn a Recognized High School Diploma from WHS

Terms & Condition

We urge you to audit our terms of administration in regards to the shipment, conveyance, estimating and discount arrangements.


The Client declares that the person name on the Diploma is real. He / She is living and has relevant experience and formal studies to get eligible for the diploma.  In case where the client is making purchase for another party then client confirms that He / She has the written content to do so of the person names on the diploma and neither the client nor any associated person is impersonating another person. All Information and Details provided by the client are true.


  1. By selecting with quick secondary school confirmations site, you recognize that there is no educational program, no study, no exams and no participation. We allows the recognition or the endorsement in view of your life or work encounter just from different private virtual college firms which just give background confirmations.
  2. You should not hold quick secondary school certificates site or its originators or specialists in charge of any legitimate obligation, under any circumstances, from any harms endured by the holder of this endorsement or recognition.
  3. Quick secondary school certificates site does not, under any circumstances, concede any confirmation or declaration in pharmaceutical, drug store or in whatever other major which may damage individuals and harm society.
  4. You, as a client, assume full liability for any unapproved or illicit utilization of this endorsement or certificate, or whatever other utilization.
  5. You, as a client, concur not to change or modify this declaration or recognition in any capacity and to keep it in the careful structure sent to you.
  6. You, as a client, consent to be completely mindful legitimately before all official or legislative bodies with the end goal of procuring this authentication or degree and its utilization in official or informal way with no obligation on quick secondary school certificates site or its organizers or operators or its delegates far and wide.
  7. The certificates and the authentications issued through our site are for self-awareness, development and profession improvement just, whatever other unapproved utilization is prohibited and you just could be lawfully at risk for any such unapproved utilization.
  8. You may need to request exhortation and must comprehend your profit in this, which is procuring a background advanced education confirmation for self-awareness and development and to understand a superior life.
  9. You, as a client, comprehend that our declarations and recognitions are for people needing to enhance their social circumstance and that our degrees are non-customary HS. recognition firms.
  10. You, as a client, confirm that you are no less than 18 years of age, have past work encounter, and have gone along with us all alone will to procure an authentication or a background secondary school recognition.
  11. Quick HS confirmations offers its authentications and recognitions taking into account past experience and work history and can’t promise that it will be acknowledged by your legislature or any boss.
  12. You must comprehend our authentications don’t specify “removed training” or “web adapting” on them. Furthermore are not expected for work inside administrative establishments.
  13. You must comprehend that you can withdraw whenever; however there are no discounts for any charges paid before withdrawal.
  14. You must comprehend that Fast HS certificates and testaments’ qualification in your nation’s advanced education service or office is not our obligation and our site or its authors or operators and agents overall claims no obligation at all.
  15. You, as a client, recognize that all secondary schools we manage are business secondary school enterprises situated in the American Continent and act as virtual online nontraditional instruction substance with postal sending location.
  16. All secondary school firms we manage are formally enrolled private secondary school companies.
  17. You, as a client, affirm and hold full obligation as the holder of our recognition or declaration to concur and keep all terms and conditions recorded previously.
  18. You, as a client, comprehend that all above recorded terms and conditions are legitimately tying in any court of law.
  19. On the off chance that you concur with all our terms and conditions recorded above you can apply to gain our endorsement or recognition, if not kindly don’t have any significant bearing.


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